After several renovations, Hanazono became the stage for Japan’s rugby at World Level

After several renovations, Hanazono is firmly established as the stage for Japanese rugby in the eyes of the world Hanazono has evolved with the times. The stadium underwent a 3rd major renovation in 2017. Japan rugby’s ‘Mecca’, where every player aspires to play at least once, was renovated to meet RWC standards. Many of Japan's rugby legends have been born here, and continue to be born here. They have created the lore that people remember and cherish. Such immortals make the stadium, and Higashiosaka, the base point for Japanese rugby culture to connect with the world.

Hanazono Rugby Stadium before renovation

February 2017: Metal frame of the large roof repainted

March 2017: Old scoreboard removed

June 2017: Renovation of the South Stand

July 2017: Old seats removed and stands cleaned

August 2017: Main frame construction work on the North Stand

September 2017: New seats being installed

October 2017: Main frame construction for South Stand 2nd floor

November 2017: New seats installed in the existing stands

December 2017: Main frame construction and column / beam installations completed on South Stand 2nd floor

January 2018: Main frame construction work for the second floor of the North Stand

February 2018: Foundations underway for 1st Ground goalposts

March 2018: Main frame construction work for Big Screen

April 2018: Floor PC board installation in the South Stand

May 2018: Exterior work on the South Stand

June 2018: Large screen installed

July 2018: Renovations completed